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Subject 89P13

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Name:Rocket Raccoon
Birthdate:Aug 1
Subject: 89P13
Alias: "Rocket"
Origin: Halfworld, Keystone Quadrant
Legs: 2
Arms: 2
Enhancements: Cybernetic Skeletal Structure, Enhanced Phalange and Metacarpal Bones, Genetically Augmented Cerebral Cortex
Description: Cybernetic/Genetic Experiment on a lower life form - has a tendency to bite
Associates: Groot, Lylla, Peter "Starlord" Quinn, Gamora, Drax
Criminal Record: 13 Counts of Theft, 14 Counts of Escape from Incarceration, 7 Counts of Mercenary Activity, 15 Counts of Arson, 50+ Counts of Vehicular Theft

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[ This journal exists solely for the purpose of roleplay. Both muse and mun are 18+. Rocket Raccoon and Guardians of the Galaxy belong to Marvel. I am only borrowing them for fun. ]
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